jeudi 8 septembre 2011

The new wave

Browsing & working to source interesting stuff to share with you, I've noticed a slight change : fashion clothes & cool shops are not only a matter of women & mums.
Here are a few of my favorite emerging brands & shops lead by men.

Michael's stylish We love design shop.

I love the new AW 2011 collection from Tuss + ACNE collaboration. The collection consists of cool jeans from ACNE mixed with simple T-shirts in good quality from TUSS.
No surprise to find this collection in Michael's shop : his overall inspiration comes from the Swedish brand ACNE. He says about them "The identity of ACNE is so cool and works all the way, wherever they communicate or whoever they do it to"

Michael, how do you choose brands or products for your shop ? 
A unique identity, both in their collection, but also how they communicate through their overall brand identity.
A fashion sense in their collection, as seen in the adult fashion industry – brands that follow the trends from the adult clothes
And at the same time, I want clothes that are made for children accordingly to their needs – good quality, suits them and made for playing in kindergarten and so forth.
Price selection – I dont want expensive brands, but rather brands that give optimal fashion and quality at a reasonable prices.

You won't find anything “cute” or romantic in his shop but you'll get Rock & Roll attitude, minimalism and trends from the adult fashion scene.

Have a look at his range of boots & shoes. Lucky little boys !!

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The new ethicool& organic New Generals designed by Joen
New Generals is all about inspiring children’s imagination, being cool and fashionable and being ethical and presenting the coolest fashion apparel for kids at the same time. New Generals call it being ethicool.
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Olivier's edgy & funny Youshou online shop.
He offers such an ecclectic range of fashion, deco, toys and accessories, that it's hard to choose what favorite stuff to start with.
Olivier, co-owner of Youshou with his wife, is very keen of Tees from brands like Minimus & Maximus, Atsuyo & Akiko, both brands I like and already featured in SoHK;), Keep sneakers or Kid O books & toys for boys .
Thanks to his background as a DJ, Youshou offers exclusive & free MP3 music and stories, for their newsletter subscribers & buyers. 
Enjoy ! 
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So my fellows, take note that men are now in the place.
And it's great to have them, isn't it ?!

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