dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Irish way of live

These last days, I spent many of my time in shops around, to look for vintage treasures. I really love that, it's my little pleasure :)
I even queued one Sunday morning, waiting for a window display, hoping to grab 3 lovely plates.

While waiting, I was chatting with other people in the queue. The lady just behind me told me that she was hoping to get one of the plates, because her mum gave her a full set with the same design. I said " don't worry, if the plates are always available, the plate you want is for you. I'll take the other two".
And we were lucky : we got them !
But she was so thrilled I haven't buy them all and let her choose the one she wanted, that she gave me an appointment the day after to bring me another plate she had at home, but she didn't really use (the chintz one with yellow roses) and she offered it to me !
So sweet Irish people !!!
And now, I can rest a little bit and enjoy a little cup of coffee, (re)using some others of my little treasures.
Have a nice Halloween week-end !

6 commentaires:

Ciara a dit…

I love plates! In fact I love all things chinaware! These are beautiful, and what a sweet story too!

cecile a dit…

Elles sont magnifiques ! Moi aussi j'adore chiner, des tasses, des assiettes... tellement mieux que les neufs !

Mom Daughter Style a dit…

thse are fabulous treasures

Tereza a dit…

Love the plates, I'd like to start collecting beautiful things like these!!

lauren carney a dit…

your blog is rather splendid
just putting it out there! :-)

x x

SoHK a dit…

Thank you all


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