mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Tea or coffee ?

Here is my last vintage finding & purchase : a retro (70s ?) blue/teal tea pot.

Will be perfect with my white cups & mugs, from Dunnes (!!!... I swear, no more new stuff, all used and vintage now ;), unless I decide to afford the whole set, with this design on each cup... I don't know... maybe it'll be "too much" ....
If I'd have enough room, here are below some other of the coffee and tea pots & sets I would love to collect and USE.
From the 60s/70s, I love their tulip shapes and retro colours and designs.
Loving tea, I'm not especially a coffee drinker, but I definitively will become one with one of these uggly/pretty ;) pots !
But btw, nobody prevents me to use these "coffee" pots as tea pots ! Arghhh.... no excuse any longer !! ;)

And if I can't store them all, I always can offer them ;)
If, like me, you love one of a kind (OOAK) and vintage stuff, what a nice Christmas gift idea, isn't it ?

All of them below are from one brand/designer/manufacturer : J & G meakin.

And what about you, do you find them pretty or uggly ? :)
Si j'avais la place, j'adorerais avoir ces services à thé/café, pour m'en servir lorsque je reçois des amis.
Leur look vintage des années 70 et leur forme tulipe épurée me fait craquer.
J'ai craqué pour la théière blanche et bleue, la toute 1ère sur les photos. Elle ira à merveille avec mes tasses blanches. A moins que je ne craque pour le set complet...

J'aime beaucoup toute la série suivante, qui est d'une autre marque que la mienne ( J & G Meakin).

En tout cas, même si je ne peux pas me permettre de toutes les acheter pour moi, peut-être je pourrais craquer pour certaines d'entre elles et les offrir.
Pour les amoureux, comme moi, des objets uniques et anciens, je trouve que c'est une chouette idée de cadeau !
Quoique, peut-être que certains de mes amis ne seraient pas très heureux de recevoir un tel cadeau !! :)
Et vous vous trouvez cela chouette ou moche ?

8 commentaires:

carolette a dit…

I'm actually not sure what to think!! But I am sure my mum's got the same sets in her attic. I'll have a look at Christmas if you want!

Ciara a dit…

Definitely pretty!! And I think you got the nicest one!

fantaisine a dit…

J'aime bien, c'est rétro mais dans une cuisine moderne ce service aurait sa place.

Abigail Terrien a dit…

love them - but where can we buy them?

Anonyme a dit…

I have the vegetables dishes and some plates and bowls like the first two with olive colour lids. I also have the little jug from the last set, all picked up for pennies from my favourite local charity shop.

I'm generally attracted to the surface designs of that time, but the coffee pots are a storage problem. They probably survive as they were the least used part of the set!

Anonyme a dit…

Some years ago I founded a shop in Amsterdam where you can buy sets like favourite shop!!!

SoHK a dit…

Thanks guys for your comments ! :)

@ carolette : Oh oui, si ta maman a cela dans son grenier, il faut que tu me montres cela. J'attends tes photos !

@ Abi : I would love to have a little shop where to find them, but for now you can fond them on Ebay :)

@ trixie-bacon : Yes the storage is a problem :), but we're lucky to have some left, even now, so we can use them ;)

@ ponytail : I would have loved to find a shop like that here in Dublin !!!


lisette a dit…

Your collection is amazing!!!


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