vendredi 30 septembre 2011


Trier par couleur, nommer, manipuler, empiler, trier par type d'animaux, accrocher, tout mélanger a nouveau ...
Jouer & apprendre. Apprendre en jouant. 
J'adore cette photo de mon p'tit bout si fier de lui (il applaudit :)

Retrouvez d'autres idées d'activités et de choses a réaliser avec et pour les enfants sur mes boards Pinterest : Activities or DIY
Playing is essential for children, so I try to spend as much time as I can (even I know it's not enough, especially with my blogging habits ...)
My little one looks so proud of himself  ;), sorting by colors, type of animals ...

For more activities ideas, check my Pinterest boards Activities or DIY

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Kickcan and Conkers a dit…

Lovely Su. You're right to make the best of every minute with your children - time flies believe me! We write a lot about designer toys and the latest trendy outfits for our kids but the most precious gift of all is the time we spend with them, I think anyway.


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