vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Playtime under the tent

Need a tent for the children to play, hide and feel secure in their own little world ?
Check out the simple DIY from My Cakies to build a lovely A-frame tent. 
Envie d'une chouette tente a faire soi-même ? Instructions chez My Cakies

If no time, no envy or no skills, you can always buy one at Mouta.
Pas le temps, l'envie ou la possibilité de la construire vous-même ? Mouta en propose une jolie aussi.

3 commentaires:

MiMa a dit…

Oh, that´s gorgeous! Such a great idea. I guess, I will do that as a Christmas present for my little daughter.

I also love the coloured old pots hanging on the wall.

Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes! Have a great weekend.

co a dit…

love it !

equipo: Hannah/Noah/Hilke a dit…

What a nice blog... will pass more often!
I quess I have the same taste! Good for me that I found your blog!


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