lundi 7 décembre 2009

Camilla's book and Esti's calendar

As soon as Camilla annouces a new product in her shop, it's always such an event !
The suitcase Volume 1 (does it mean it will be a volume 2 ?;-) : Camilla Engman is avalaible with goodies (cards & baggage tag bookmark) :: 22 € ::

Camilla's colour cards makes me think about Pintame el dia & Esti's calendar she was preparing for many weeks with handcut paper designs glued on each of them, therefore they all are absolutely unique :: 16 € ::
I love connecting 2 different artists/universes only with a small detail :)

5 commentaires:

Kickcan and Conkers a dit…

Camilla's book is on my wishlist this Xmas. Looks wonderful!
Like the calendars too - well spotted!

Bea a dit…

Exceptional both!!!

Bridget a dit…

Great! I'm dashing to camilla's Etsy!

suprlipopette a dit…

C'est MAGNIFIQUE ! merci

lespetitsbohemes a dit…

just received mine, amazing !


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