mardi 8 décembre 2009

My heart is in the Arctic

Jacqueline Kari Bos' illustrations are just awesome.
I love all these shades of pink, all the details that make my mind fly and dream.
A second edition of her "I heart the Arctic" mini-book is just available in her Etsy shop.
It is inspired by stories of the arctic, Inuit myths, arctic cultures, icy landscapes and the infinite possibilities of the Aurora Borealis...
Such a lovely book to introduce Arctic and Inuits culture to children.

Don't miss the giveaway on Pikaland to try to win her poetic mini book.

4 commentaires:

Kickcan and Conkers a dit…

Oui, c'est beau, je l'ai acheté pour savannah pour noel :)

Bridget a dit…

This is so nice!

Esti a dit…

I'm after this zine; it's on my wishlist and hoping Santa will notice it :)

Lilouka pour JojO a dit…

C'est très beau


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