jeudi 21 janvier 2010

A big Hug to you... dear readers for this Happy New Year !!!
I wish you all the best, for you and all those you cherish.

2009 was the year I launched So Happy Kids and it brought me so much fun, happiness, discoveries and friendship.
I hope 2010 will be the same and see it grow harmoniously, with much creativity, care and love.
I would like to especially thank my lovely sponsors who give their trust to SoHK and offer SoHK always really good bargains and gifts.
Thanks Ivonne, Abby, Joslyn, Marie & Hello Lucky and Happy New Year guys ! :)

And for a specially warm hug with your baby or toddler, I can't help share with you this absolutely gorgeous & so warm 100% alpaca sweater, from Oeuf, you can find 30% off at ZAP-Store.

My baby received one for his Xmas and I can't help to hug him again & again when he wears it. Moreover, as alpaca is so warm, this sweater is light and easy to live. And those "hands" pockets intrigates him all the time ;)

You also can have up to 60% off on many other items of the store ! Enjoy !

And, if you are Asia / Pacific-located, enjoy all the sales from
For the widdest choice, have a look at LFG sales.

6 commentaires:

Mum a dit…

Je suis bien contente de te lire à nouveau ! Bonne année !

Christine a dit…

chouette, vous êtes de retour!

Prune a dit…

So chou !

mo' a dit…

welcome back et bonne année !
je fantasme sur ces pulls depuis un bail, je vais donc suivre ton lien ;-)

Bambola a dit…

Yes you are here again! happy new year!! all the best for 2010
Kiss from Barcelona

Joslyn a dit…

thank you Su! happy new year - great to see you back! xxx


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