vendredi 29 janvier 2010

LUDD Organic & recycled

When Elisabeth wrote me about her new brand LUDD, a Swedish & Spanish firm, the first thing I noticed that LUDD places priority on fair-trade, organic and sustainable materials.
How it sounds sweet & joyful to me, especially when I think about our littles ones (LUDD is for 0 to 4 years babies & toddlers), because they deserve the best & need the most essential & toxic-free care.
Choosing LUDD is choosing quality, basics & a brand full of meaning.
You can discover more on their ethics & concept here.
Even the packaging is sustainable because made from recycled material and is designed to be re-utilised.

Well done, Elisabeth.
Simplicity, comfort & eco-friendly ethics : a perfect mix !

2 commentaires:

Van et Nina a dit…

j'ai mis sur mon blog une photo de la superbe illustration gagnée ici! merci encore!

Guusje a dit…

looks good!


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