dimanche 4 septembre 2011


Patty contacted me a while ago to introduce her new Tees brand, Kidinc, and while I was browsing into the online shop, my 2 little boys arrived and the oldest one started to cry " I want this one !! The Bite me one !!"
Oh my ...this one may be a little bit too scary for you...Don't you prefer Mr Iron instead ?
No, No, I want the Bite me one !
No matter I tried to argue, his choice was made...
Hopefully, the little one is only 3 yo, he can't read !! So he chose the Batman one :)
Patty, you're right, Kidinc is perfect for little ones to have their voices to be heard ;)
We received them a few days ago, and my boys are absolutely thrilled. So am I :). Thanks Patty !

Kidinc believes everyone is born with the right to have style and attitude, and every baby has a voice to be heard. To put the chic in children, Kidinc is giving cool parents a chance to make some noise and their babies a rockin’ attitude. Starting with vibrant colors, they turned up the heat with funky graphics and edgy designs to give every child rockin’ good looks. All prints are meant to be vintage washed looking. So cooooool.

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