jeudi 1 septembre 2011

Sweet seat

It's now a little bit late for my own little one who will turn 3 in a fortnight, but I'd love to have one booster from SweetSeat, like those ones. 
They seem to be so easy to clean and with lovely patterns. My favorite one ? The grey charcoal with bicycles ! 
To have one of these, you'll pay around 60€, but check the outlet section sometimes, you can find one cheaper.

SweetSeat is made up of five best friends : one husband, one wife, and three handsome ;) and energetic young boys. They live on a working farm outside of San Antonio, TX enjoying the simple life.
SweetSeat was born out of a desperation to find high-quality, long-lasting, small-footprint children’s goods.
Every SweetSeat is handcrafted on their farm, by their own hands. They love working together as a family to produce a product that children will use and love for years to come.

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